The Observatory is a place in Monstro City where Tamara Tesla is normally found. In March 2012 (when Season 2 of the Super Moshi Missions was released) the room opened up and currently Season 2 missions can be played there.


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Just past The Port on a rocky outcrop sits the Moshi Observatory. Tamara Tesla invents puzzles as well as other useful inventions in her lab here. If you happen to drop by, make sure you have a look through the Moshiscope and try to spot the Snoodle constellation.

Main room

In the far top left corner of the main room is a dark red model of the Great Green Cube, a planet in the Swooniverse. Just below it is a jet-black poster which features the Snoodle star constellation, a large group of green-yellow stars which come together in the form of the Moshling Mr. Snoodle. In the bottom left corner of the room is a Goopiter Model, and to the right is the exit. In the top right of the room is a button reading "PLAY SEASON 2 HERE", stylised in a futuristic font. Just beneath the button is a scale model of the Goober-8 Galaxy, as stated by Tamara Tesla once the scale model is interacted with. Just below the button is a Space Glenn Arcade Machine, which appears to be out of order, again stated by Tamara Tesla once it is interacted with. And finally, below the arcade machine is some extra strength coffee, which is enveloped in a perfect green, which appears to be in a flask of some sort. There is a sticker on the flask of a skull, which implies that the coffee may be toxic. When interacted with, Tamara tells the player "not to touch it".

In the centre of the room is a colossal light-azure telescope. The telescope cannot be interacted with, however, when the player talks to Tamara they will look through the telescope into the vast circle of space.


MR Crash Site Canyon map


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