Regurgle and recycle!

Octo, also known as The Water Recycler and The Watery Wonder, is a character in Moshi Monsters. She is a recycling queen and has her own game called Octo's Eco Adventure, where she saves the ocean from pollution. She hangs out at the Port, where she recycles water and is often spotted entering long distance spraying contests.

Character Encyclopedia


Port resident Octo is the ultimate purple princess of H2O! Eco-conscious and ocean aware, Monstro City's renowned water recycler uses her massie mouth to suck up bucket-loads of water, then spray it all out again, high up into the air. Splat-tastic!

Recycling Queen

All the activity in the Port takes it's toll on the water, but fortunately, Octo's souting and spritzing is more than just a hobby! Oil from ships, scraps from fishermen and even dregs of wobble-ade pose no problem to this purple cleaning machine. She sprays out as good as new.

Cool Cascade

Octo the Watery Wonder is just what you need on a horrendously hot day. If you're within squirting distance, she can cool you down with a nice refreshing rain shower of spit-spray!


Bathing, showering and polishing her tentacle toes.


Octo, the H2O Queen, is living large in The Port. She's the spouter and spritzer of fine, fresh mist and out eco-conscious water recycler. On a nice day, she'll give you a spray that beats even the best bath.


  • She has big puffy cheeks for water retention.



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