Octopeg (portmanteau of octopus and pegleg) is a green peg-legged octopus who spends most of his time playing videogames at the bottom of the waters surrounding Music Island. Due to his relationship with the pirate theme, he is considered a pirate.

"Ye disturbed the Beast and ye disturbing Octopeg, matey!
The ol' sea Beast falls asleep when she 'ears the Classico Clams singing. But they won't be singing because their Music Box is broken!
Roberto sleeps all the time. He only wakes up when his brothers sing."

He appears in The Curse of the Paw Wavin' Kitten when the player is underwater. The player has to collect all the steering wheels, a couple of which are hidden on Octopeg.

He also appeared in the Pirate Takeover.


Character Encyclopedia

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Lumpy old Octopeg is so named because, instead of biting his nails, he nervously gnaws his tentacles. Because of this habit, poor anxious Octopeg has wooden pegs for legs, and has to hobble along the seabed! This eight-stumped fish-scoffing freak prefers staying put, resting his pegs and playing his favourite video games.
Underwater unwinding
Nervous Octopeg likes to spend time on his own. He's obsessed with video games and loves curling up on a comfy rock with a game of sunken battleships.
Flabby fella
Octopeg spends his time feasting on barrel-loads of barnacles from underneath the ghost pirates' ship, the Gooey Galleon. Lumpy, bumpy Octo has eaten so many he's started to look like a barnacle!
Data file

  • Hangout: Under the Ghost Pirates' Gooey Galleon
  • Hobbies: Chewing his toes, playing video games
  • Catchphrase: "Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw!"


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Biting your nails is daft, but chewing your tentacles is plain silly. That's why Octopeg is stumped - literally! Being a nervous type, this flabby fella spends most of his time scoffing barnacles beneath the Gooey Galleon. Yuck!


Octopeg is blob-shaped green octopus with multiple peg legs. His body is covered by skin formations unlike the smooth skin usually given to cartoon octopuses. His peg legs, hooked tentacle, black tiny hat with the symbol of the Marooned Five and manner of speech render him to be considered a pirate, as most Moshi character have claimed to be that through dress-up.


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