The Official Annual 2012 is a Moshi Monsters activity book, written by Lauren Holowaty. The annual released in mid 2011, the next one released a year later (hence the word annual).

Inside the book, there are puzzles, games, etc and information. Every annual (so far) has come with a secret code, hidden somewhere inside. There are clues to where it is, (e.g. on the fifth line of page 2, etc).


Join the Super Moshis in the very first official "Moshi Monsters" annual, featuring all your favourite monsters and Moshlings! It's packed with puzzles, features, posters and more; plus a cool virtual download for your monster's room! This is a must-have book for any Moshi fan this Christmas.

Daily Growl

27 August 2011

Ever wanted a handy dandy guide to Monstro City's holidays and other important events? Well I have great news for you. The Moshi Monsters Annual is available now!

Switchy Day, Monstro City's NEWEST holiday, is featured. PLUS, there's a secret code for a FREE Switchy Day exclusive item inside. When is Switchy Day? It's on October 8th! It's the day when everybody in Monstro City gets all switched around!


6. The Gruff Guide to Monstro City 36. Super Moshi HQ
8. New Year, New You 38. Moshi Missions
9. New Year, New you, New House 40. Crafty Business
10. Moe's Home Makeover 42. The Life of a Poshi Moshi
12. All You Need Is Luvli 44. Talk like a Pirate Day
14. Drop Dead Gorgeous 45. Message in a Bottle
16. Come Grime with Me 46. Shipmate!
17. Keeping Greeeeeen 48. Switchy Day!
18. Interview with a Monster 49. Torchlight Tales
19. Roary Scrawl's Question Grime 50. Tamara Tesla's Extreme Teasers
20. Mighty Moshi Month 52. Giving Thanks
22. Absolutely Rubbish! 53. Thank you for the Music
24. Super Glooper Day 54. The Road to MonSTAR-dom
26. When on Main 56. The Twelve Days of Twistmas
28. How does your Moshling Garden Grow...? 58. Snow Joke
30. Breaking News! 59. The End of the Year Round-up
32. Mising Fangs 60. Activity Answers


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