The Official Annual 2013 is a Moshi Monsters book, distributed by Penguin books.

Inside the book, there are puzzles, games, etc and information. Every annual (so far) has come with a secret code, hidden somewhere inside. There are clues to where it is, (e.g. on the fifth line of page 2, etc.)

This particular annual has been dedicated to Snuffy Hookums as she re-explores Monstro City after being lost for 1,874 days in search of Buster's Ranch to re-unite with her mentor Buster Bumblechops.


Buster Bumblechops' long lost Moshling collecting assistant, Snuffy Hookums has returned to Monstro City! Presumed consumed by a mysterious tribe of unknown Moshlings near Mount KrakkaBlowa, she's actually been having all kinds of adventures! Join her as she returns to Monstro City to track down Buster Bumblechops in this official annual packed with Moshi facts, features and puzzles! It's monsterrific!

Daily Growl

30 November 2012

Need some exciting new reading? Follow Snuffy Hookums as she returns to Monstro City to track down Buster Bumblechops in the 2013 Annual. Cram-packed with puzzles, facts and fun.


6. Snuffy's Journal 34. I'm Gonna Get You! Part 2
8. My Marvellous MonSTAR 36. River Deep, Mountain High
9. Monsters in Sight! 38. How To Draw Moshlings
10. Fishies Tank Make-It 40. Too Rare to Share
12. Cap'n Buck's Port Tour 43. Snuffy's Big Belly Laughs
14. Going Underground 44. Puzzle Palace
16. Frenzy in Flutterby Field 46. Gift Island Quiz
17. Meander Down Main Street 48. Monster Style File
19. Roar All About It! 49. Moshling Spotting
20. Pete and Lila's Potty Picnic 50. Make Your Own Gloop
21. Stroll Along Ooh La Lane 52. Candy Cane Cave Chase
22. Tyra Fang's Monster Makeover 53. Moshi cupcakes
24. It's A Modern Monster World 54. Photo Fangtastic!
26. Dodgy Dealz 55. Secret Solved!
28. Super Duper Surprise! 56. Ranch Reunion
30. I'm Gonna Get You! 58. Answers
32. Krakkablow-out!


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