The Official Annual 2014 is a Moshi Monsters book, released by Mind Candy and distributed by Penguin books.

Inside the book, there are puzzles, games, and information. Every annual (so far) has come with a secret code, hidden somewhere inside through the form of a puzzle.

This particular annual has been dedicated to Cap'n Buck and revealed many Moshling Characters actually being part of the Cloudy Cloth Clipper crew.


It's all aboard the Cloudy Cloth Clipper with Cap'n Buck for this year's official Moshi Monsters annual! Take to the Seventy Seas around Monstro City and explore the islands with Buck and his crew for new pirate booty. But watch out, the dastardly Dr. Strangeglove is searching for the same treasure! Packed with features, comic strips, makes and the chance to solve puzzles to earn Rox treasure of your very own! This official Moshi Monsters annual is the perfect Christmas gift and stocking filler for Moshi fans.

Daily Growl

23 November 2013
Looking for treasure? Follow along with Captain Buck E. Barnacle and take to the Seventy Seas around Monstro City in the 2014 Annual! Explore islands and find new pirate booty, but watch out for Dr. Strangeglove! Packed with features, comic strips, crafts, puzzles, free Rox and more!


6. Pirate Roll Call 31. Message in a Bottle
8. Pieces of Rox 32. Here comes the Futuristic Falls! Part 1
10. Port Pack Up 34. Dr. Strangeglove versus Elder Furi
11. Dr. Strangeglove will see you now... 36. Here comes the Futuristic Falls! Part 2
12. Racing Rascals and Rogues 38. Puzzling Pieces of Eight
14. Monstrous Nosh 40. Music Island Medley
15. Postcards from Monstro City 42. Scare Force One
16. Sweet Tooth's Hypno Blaster Cake Pops 44. The Devious Dr.'s Periscope
18. Buck's Beaches 46. There Be Zoshlings!
19. At the Archipelago 48. Captain Codswallop's Crossword
20. Make your own Cloudy Cloth Clipper! 49. Gooey Galleon Gags
22. A trip to Long Gone Lagoon 50. Find the Fishie
24. Seventy Stormy Seas 51. Into The Gulf of New Gizmo
26. Most Wanted! 52. Potty times on Potion Ocean
28. I spy Candy Shoals 54. Pirate Paradise
29. Buck's Bucket List 56. The Duster of Destiny
30. Bubblebath Bay 58. Answers

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