Oiler is a character in Moshi Monsters. Oiler's job is to maintain Gift Island by keeping the gears there lubricated with oil, hence his name.



Searching for underground oil pockets is tough work, but Oiler is happy to do the job, keeping the gears on Gift Island well-oiled is an important task for this Monstro City sea critter.

Character Encyclopedia

Oiler spends his days sourcing oil by finding underground oil pockets below the sea. He uses the oil to keep all the machines' gears on Gift Island well and truly oiled up. Without this busy sea critter, everything on the isle would come grinding to a squeaky halt. And with no gifts, there would be some monstrously unhappy city residents!


  • Oiler's size has varied a lot. In his Moshipedia bio, he is shown as quite huge, whilst in-game he is not so big.
  • Oiler is one of the harder background characters to find in game. His hidden form shows up as a tentacle, which may confuse the player if they are looking for him.




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