This is less of a song and more of a piece of dialogue of character interaction in which Simon Growl tries to get everyone who participated in creating the Music Rox album to join in a song merely consisting of one singular repeated verse. All the while characters are heard talking through it. Only a few voices are clearly identifiable.



Poppet: Well, thanks for listening. But the time has come for us to say goodbye.
Rocko: Yeah, that's right. We gotta split.
Zack: We have you've enjoyed all this goopendously cool Moshi music.
Zommer: Cus we totally dug it, y'know what we're saying?
Dentist: But now we have to hit the road.
Sweet Tooth: Let's go!
Dr. Strangeglove: Speak for yourself, you pathetic bunch of -
Simon Growl: Look, eh, Dr. whatever-your-name-is, I genuinly think you've got a great recording voice.
Dr. Strangeglove: Oh, eh, you do? Well, in that case: Fishlips! Come with me and bring your trombone!
(Fishlips plays trombone while Dr. Strangeglove laughs)

(Poppet starts the Shalala song. The song continues through dialoge.)
Shalalala la
(Rocko joins in)
(Zommer joins in) Ooh Yeah!
Simon Growl: No no, nononononono, wait a minute, wait a minute. Nope. Listen- Listen to me. Me. Listen to the way you sing it. *clears throat* La~ Shalalala~ More like that, you see what I'm doing..? La~ Shalalala
Poppet: That's what I'm doing~

Narrator: Everybody!
That's right! Clap your hands!
Come'on, here we go!
Join in everyone! Sing along!
You all know the words!
(Zommer throws in a lyric of his own song) Yo, Grandad! If it’s too loud you’re too old!
Oh yes! I'm feeling the love.

Come on now; two, three, four!
The crowd is going crazy!
I"m loving this show, really loving it!
That's it! And we're getting to the end now.
And I'm still really excited about this, even though we are at the end of the show.
I am really excited!


  • The recording of this song is one of the only known times when C.L.O.N.C. members and citizens of Monstro City have been together without mischief.