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The Par​ty Palace is a location in Moshi Monsters, located to the bottom left hand corner of the map. To enter, a server must be chosen (a list of servers are featured below).

In the Party Palace, four Monsters compete in a dressing up contest. If a Monster is in the contest, a theme will appear and they will have to dress up matching the theme.

All of the other Members of the room can vote for who they think is the best.

The winner appears on a big screen to the right, to the left is another screen stating where the person lives, how old they are, their gender, their username and an 'Add Friend' button.

The contest can also end with no players winning, this happens if all players are voted and get the same score.

Server List

  • Magic Room
  • Castle Room
  • Munchy Room
  • Lollipop Room
  • Birdy Room
  • Custard Room
  • Rocket Room
  • Ninja Room
  • Spooky Room
  • Beach Room
  • Arctic Room
  • Fluffy Room
  • Balloon Room
  • Cupcake Room
  • Puppy Room
  • Dino Room
  • Jelly Room 
  • Apple Room 
  • Haunted Room
  • Disco Room


  • The Party Palace was released for beta testing four months prior to release.
  • In the beta testing, there were originally eight servers to choose from at the selection screen.
  • It is now open to the public.
  • It is the first time in Moshi Monsters where players can say things. In the streets, you just come out with random sentences (which annoys some users), but in here there is some words you are able to say of your choice.




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