Patch  the Seagull is a decorative character in Moshi Monsters found at The Port. They are part of Cap'n Buck's crew.


Character Encyclopedia

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Patch the seagull is a keen surveyor of the seas, keeping one eye on The Port for fishy characters and scraps of seafood left by fishermen. It may appear that this winged watcher only has one good eye, but the black eye patch is actually just a striking pirate fashion statement!
Bird talk
Percy's native language is Seagullian. It's rather noisy and ear-piercingly shrill form of communication that no Moshi can understand. In order to give Daily Growl editor Roary Scrawl a message, Patch once had to play a funny game of wing-charades!
Plunging Patch
When not poking around in every Moshi's business, wannabe pirate Patch loves flying. He swoops and dives from great heights, beak-first into Potion Ocean.


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Patch the seagull monitors The Port for any unsavoury characters and scraps of leftovers from the fishermen. He has no problem with his left eye and only wears the eyepatch to keep up with the latest trends in Pirate Style Magazine.

Ultimate Sticker Collection

Patch the seagull likes to keep an eye on things at the Port. Don't be fooled by his eyepatch - both of his eyes work fine, he just likes pirate fashion accessories.


Personality & Habits

Mischievous and impatient, with their debut they were but vaguely helpful in introducing The Port and its content and stole food in their hurry back. With their joy for fighting, stealing and joking about in the pub they are a born pirate.


Seagulls have an egg-shaped head bigger than their bodies. In comparison to the Unnamed Seagull, Patch is lacking any feather tuft or ruffling. Patch wears an eye patch, hence their name, but only does so for pirate aesthetic and not due to a bad eye. This is common for most pirates in Moshi Monsters. Although it not making a difference, they appear to prefer their left eye to be covered. (Also like most eye patch wearing Moshi characters)


Patch is an all-time crew member to the Cloudy Cloth Clipper and thus has Cap'n Buck as their superior. He doesn't seem to be aware or otherwise thinks critically of Patch's bullying of Lefty.
In Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 30 comic Shore Leave, Cap'n Buck is homesick the moment they go to shore and wants to return to his float. Together with Lefty, Patch tries to cheer up Buck, but it doesn't work until they find a boat-like ride. Patch does not speak during the entire comic but does utter a "Haha" (he and Lefty are referred to as "lads" by Buck).

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TFTCN part 1 p2
In Tales from the Crow's-Nest, a journal by Lefty, he describes to be bullied by Patch in a manner of getting spitballs and gum thrown at him. Seemingly harmless, in the context of Lefty's - most likely traumatising - encounter with seagulls/a seagull that caused him to lose his ability to walk, it comes off as some sort of vendetta. If Patch is affiliated with the seagull(s) mentioned in Lefty's past is unknown.

Patch was approached by Ruby in Monsterrific Comic Collection: "The Ballad of Cap'n Buck" in her research to collect info on Cap'n Buck to eventually write his Monstrous Biography. Like other people Ruby picked out to get info from, Patch too was fooling around. They described Buck as the second saltiest sea dog they've ever met, the first being an actual dog that happened to be sitting in the bar with them.

Patch debuted on the Daily Growl when giving the first sneak peeks to The Port and its content to Roary, whom she-pronouned her. She was unable/unwilling to speak in a language Roary could understand, so she signed. She stole his food when she left off in an impatient hurry.

Daily Growl entry: Bird's Eye View
There I was, minding my own business (just kidding! I NEVER do that) near the broken bridge (no reason!) when all of a sudden I heard this wretched noise. SQUAAAAWK! A Seagull was flying about erratically, going on about something. She was trying to give me a message!

I couldn't understand her, as I'm not fluent in Seagullian so we were forced to play an impromptu game of charades. Hey, I HAD to find out what she was trying to tell me.

If you've ever played a game of charades with a seagull, you'll know it's no easy feat. In a flurry of feathers, I was able to guess these things as she acted them out: Scuba Diving Turtle, Giant Octopus, Striped Whale, and Potion Ocean. I'm sensing a nautical theme!

Then, quicker than a Stunt Penguin on ice skates, she flew away. But not before she made off with my Slopcorn. What a friendly (and hungry!) Seagull.

What do you think is going on over the broken bridge? From the sounds of the construction, it sounds like something BIG.

Keep your eyes at hand... and on any strange birds you might see.


Date Area Event
9 January 2009 Daily Growl[1] Patch, she-pronouned at her debut, tries to give Roary Scrawl information on what's beyond the broken bridge. She steals his Slopcorn afterwards.
16 January 2009 Moshi Monsters The Port was added, which featured Patch as a decorative character.
9 September 2012 Books Patch features in the Ultimate Sticker Collection.
3 May 2012 Books Monsterrific Comic Collection: The Ballad of Cap'n Buck. Patch is one of the characters interviewed by Ruby Scribblez to figure out Cap'n Buck's past.
2 January 2013 Books Bleurgh Beach Activity Book; "Patch's Picture Puzzles".
10 January 2013 Magazine/Books Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 25 contains the first part of a booklet named Tales from the Crow's-Nest, written by Lefty. Lefty states in it that "pesky seagull" Patch often flings spitballs at him. The art next to Lefty's signature depicts Lefty screaming in fright as Patch is about to swing a swordfish at him.
14 February 2013 Magazine/Books Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 26 contains the second part of Tales from the Crow's-Nest. Lefty remembers when Patch threw gum at him and his method of using peanut butter to get it out of his tentacles.
4 February 2013 Books Patch features in the Moshi Monsters: Character Encyclopedia.
May 2013 Moshi Monsters Features as an item; Golden Gull Statue depicting Patch was sold at the Cloudy Cloth Clipper.
14 February 2013 Magazine Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 30 comic Shore Leave, trying to cheer Cap'n Buck up.
1 August 2013 Books Official Annual 2014 does not list Patch as part of the crew. Patch is present on the page, saying: "Pssst! Did you know that Buck wears his eye patch in honour of his mono-peepered pal, Lefty?"
7 November 2013 Books Moshipedia