Pete Slurp is a blue Monster in the Moshi Monsters.

He is in a relationship with Lila Tweet, the monster he is picnicking with.

When you click on his picnic, you will start a game called Moshling Boshlinga minigame where you launch Moshlings such as Mr. Snoodle at the opposing Glumps.


Pete is a hairy blue monster who has two teeth sticking out of his smiley mouth. He wears a white/grey vest with sand colour shorts and red shoes.


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Looking for an adventurous friend? Look no further than Pete Slurp. A collector of rare slugs, Pete has built his own playhouse in his yard, and is never seen without his best mate, Lila Tweet. Pete is tone deaf, but supportive of Lila's singing career.


  • His figure collector card refers to him as simply "Pete"; such is the same with Lila Tweet.


Where's IGGY?


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