The Pinboard is a message board in every Monster's house. It is used to receive messages from your friends and post messages to the readers. 

The old pinboard is shown to the right, this is from the early stages of Moshi Monsters (also known as Beta). It has changed from then, the layout, the pins, basically everything.


The Pinboard is mainly for sending messages, but Monster owners can use it for other purposes, such as reminders, news, and more. When they send a message, owners can choose from a variety of colours and icons.

Usually, this is reported with the report button, a small button in the top right corner with an M on it. The player can also delete the messages by pressing the X button next to the report button.


There are a few problems with the Pinboard. It used to not be moderated but now when you send a message if you say anything inappropriate or spell something wrong, a purple box with Roary Scrawl will pop up showing what is wrong, highlighted in red. Some Moshling names don't even go through which some players do not like. Sometimes, players cannot send a message as too many people are chatting and playing at the same time.

Unfortunately, much like the Forums, a filter was added, causing a lot of people to get upset and angry at the fact that now no users can chat freely, and how bullies can get messages through but innocent people cannot. Lots of users now speak in secret codes, but quite a lot of code is also banned from the filter, and some people have gone as far as chatting on The Daily Growl or even the shout outs by leaving personal or physical messages to them. The filters can be extremely obscure, too, as simple words are inexplicably filtered out, and thus many normal messages have to be redone; moreover, text art is filtered heavily, too, making elaborate messages thereof very difficult to send.


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