Pipsi the Fizzical Phewberry is an upcoming Moshling in the Fruities set in Moshi Monsters, who is a strawberry with a sports theme.


Red Star BlossomRed Snap AppleRed Crazy Daisy


Ready for a workout? Good because Fizzical Phewberries are obsessed with keeping fit. Whether it’s star jumps at breakfast time, push ups in the park or touching toes at teatime, these sweet Moshlings are always encouraging the citizens of Monstro City to stay active.

Collector's Guide

Main article: The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide

All this wild adventuring across the world of Moshi takes its toll on my body. That's why I often turn to a Fizzical Phewberry when I need a good workout. Obsessed with keeping fit, these energetic Moshlings are always encouraging the citizens of Monstro City to stay active. Whether it's a star jumps at breakfast, push-ups in the park or touching toes at teatime, you can always count on a Phewberry to get your pulse racing. Ooh, it plays havoc with my gooberries but you know what they say, no pain, no gain.

Unexplored Area

You’ll always find a few Fizzical Phewberries working out in Bubba’s Gym but they are rumoured to come from Cardiofornia.
Obsessive, driven, energetic.
Star jumps and exercise videos.
Sitting around and carbs before bedtime.




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