Pirate Pong is a Glump in Moshi Monsters. They have a white body with scruffy pink hair and green freckles and eyes. They wear an eyepatch similarly to many other pirate characters in the franchise. This does not necessarily mean they are a pirate, their eyepatch might as well just be for an injury, like how other Glumps have scars and band-aids, or just for show, much like Patch. But this is likely how they got their name.


Character Encyclopedia

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Pirate Pong is definitely the stinkiest Glump in all of Monstro City - and that's monstrously impressive, as Dr. Strangeglove's minions are all pretty smelly! Using his Stinky Winky Squint move as a secret weapon, Pong has everyone running away, holding their noses faster than they can say "Peeew"!
Glump tower
Out an evil mission for Dr. Strangeglove, the silly Glumps have bounced up the pirate ship's ladder and area now on top of each other in a precarious pile! Pirate Pong makes sure he'll be first on deck to investigate!
Perfecting the pong
Pong smells like a stinky pirate and with his evil eye patch, he looks like one, too, hence the name! Eau de Pirate Pong smells like festering fish and steaming hot rubbish, so steer clear of this reeking Glump at all times!
Data file
Location: Top Secret
Job: C.L.O.N.C. minion
Features: Pirate eye patch, pale, very smelly

  • Skin is as white as a rattling old skull and crossbones
  • Eye patch stolen from a pirate
  • Pong gives everyone the stink eye.


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Poo, what's that smell? Oh, it's Pirate Pong, the stinkiest Glump in town. Capable of clearing a room in seconds with a Stinky Winky Squint, this pongy pirate reeks of rotten fish and hot trash, so keep your distance.

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Pirate Pong is the smelliest of all the glumps. If this malodorous monstrosity walks into a crowded room, it'll be clear in a matter of seconds after a stinky squirt that reeks of rotten fish!



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