Pizza Contraption

The Pizza Game is game available at the Food Factory, in which players can create pizzas that can be fed to their Moshlings in order to obtain Moshling Stars and Moshling Star Rewards


  • Add the Flour, Salt, Yeast-O!, and a Jug of Water to the bowl.
Pizza Game flour Pizza Game salt Pizza Game yeast Pizza Game water
  • Stir the dough with the spoon.
  • Smash the Dough Monsters to knead the Pizza Dough.

Pizza Game dough monster

  • Add either red, green or yellow sauce.

Pizza Game sauce red

  • Grate the Monsterella Cheese, using the grater.

Pizza Game cheese

  • Add the specified pizza toppings.
  • Wait for the Pizza Contraption to finish.
  • Feed your Moshlings!


There are a total 18 toppings, available in two slides with nine toppings each that can be accessed by pressing the down button. The toppings can be dragged on to the pizza dough.

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