Poppet's Crazy Day is a book and playset, written by Megan Bell, that follows a story of Poppet looking after the Fluffies Moshlings.


Kids can build key Monster City locations then use the dozens of accompanying press-out pieces for creative play in this magnificent Moshi storybook.

Poppet is asked to watch over some Fluffies Moshlings but she doesn't know that they're super hyper because they've accidentally eaten some Go-Go Gumdrops/Coffee Cola. The Fluffies wreak havoc on Monstro City and Poppet must chase them all around town and try to keep them out of trouble. Her friends help her along the way, and by the time the gumdrops wear off, she's frazzled as can be. Moral of the story: Sometimes you can get in over your head but as long as you have good friends, nothing is impossible. Kids will have a blast reading about Poppet's misadventure, then re-enacting the story with the press-out characters and buildings they assemble themselves! Sure to inspire hours of creative play for any Moshi Monster fan!


Poppet has her hands full taking care of some Fluffies Moshlings. Will she be able to keep them out of trouble? Find out in this fun-filled Moshi storybook that comes with an interactive playset. After reading the story the adventure continues as you build your own Moshi world with press-out figures and Monster City locations. Let the fun begin!


minor or merely mentioned


  • The plot of the book is similair to Moshling Mayhem in which the Fluffies are also described as reacting the worst to an overdosis energy.
  • The artwork shows the Fluffies with bottles of Toad Soda (without the Toad).
  • The blurb of the book mentions Monster City, likely meaning Monstro City.


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