Poppet Magazine: Issue 6 is the sixth issue of the Poppet Magazine on the 14th of August 2014 and was available in shops until the 10th of September 2014.

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Page Number Page Title
3 Editor's Letter
5 Dear Poppet
6-7 All About Poppet
8 Zaffi's Tech Squad
9 Notes from the Crib
10-11 Tasty Trivia
12-13 Brain Bogglers!
14-15 Story: The Great Cupcake Caper!
16-17 Juno's Kitchen: Cutie-ful Cupcakes
18-19 Hatchery Poster
20-21 Go to Work: Future Foodies
22 Poppet's Picks: What's New?
23 Fact File: Baby Foodies
24-25 Feast of Fun!
26-27 Intrdoucing PopJam
28 Juno Poster
29 Zaffi's Tech Talk
30-31 Yum-tastic Tea Party!
32-33 Pawberry Post
34 Puzzle Answers


Story The Great Cupcake Caper!
Juno's Kitchen Cutie-ful Cupcakes
Go to Work Future Foodies
Poppet's Picks What's New?
Fact File Baby Foodies



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