Prince Silly Ham (pun on the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William) is a character in Moshi Monsters, who is married to Kate Giggleton.


Prince Silly Ham spent time in the Gravy Navy captaining Gravy Boats through the treacherous Au Jus Seaway and around the steaming Mashed Potato mountain range. Luckily he didn't get too buttered up and ended up having a mashing good time. When he isn't busy piloting JellyCopters or marching with the Sillytary, you can usually find him munching Crispy Fried Bat Wings with his true love Kate.


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Genuine Moshi royalty, Prince Sillyham is the upper crust character who spends his days sipping Wobble-ade, adjusting his crown and shaking hands with his devoted fans. When he's not getting his pillows plumped by minions, the Prince enjoys throwing royal memorabilia from his Rox-plated carriage as he rides through Monstro City with Kate Giggleton. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!


Silly is a green dotted humanoid monster with pink antennae. He dons a crown and his overall appearance mimics that of his real life counterpart.


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