The Pussycat Poppets are a band in Monstro City. They are a parody of the band The Pussycat Dolls. The band consists of three Poppets.

Their only known song, "Pipe down", appears in The Underground Disco (Game).


Pipe down (pun on "Hush Hush; Hush Hush")

Pussycat Poppets - Pipe Down


The lineup is always changing, or maybe they just make frequent trips to the Colorama? Either way, The Pussycat Poppets are here to stay!

If you thought Poppets were bashful little critters, think again. The Pussycat Poppets are sassy sisters who love to party hard and boogie all night. Meow! This glamorous trio pedalled onto the scene (on their teeny toy motorbikes) just a few months ago, but they've already built up a huge fan base. And that's hardly surprising because songs like "Don't Cha Wish Your Monster Looked Just Like Me?" are seriously catchy!

With their amazing dance routines, the Pussycats are purr-fectly placed to dominate the charts- unless their lead singer Pinky Pipkin decides to pursue a solo career. She's already left the band twice- once to fix her hair and another to buy some sparkly lip gloss. Like, whatever!


Poppet Power, and dancing.


Oily bike chains and steep hills.


  • Pinky Pipkin is a parody of Melody Thornton.
  • The reference to the cast members changing is a jab at the real life band, as the singers have altered over time.

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