Randall the Little Red Riding Wolf is a Rare Moshling in the Screamies set in Moshi Monsters. They are based on the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" mixed with werewolf folklore.


Full moon moshling logo


My, what big fangs they have! Indeed, but there's more to Little Red Riding Wolves than sharp teeth and wild eyes because these howling mad Moshlings harbour a deep secret: they transform into sweet little girlies whenever there's a full moon. Barking but all the better to see things with!


Little Red Riding Wolves enjoy skulking around log cabins in the woods but they are thought to come from Fabled Forest.



Split, ravenous and charming.


Comfy beds and granny-style nightcaps.


Tuneless howling and half moons.


  • Randall and Hocus are the only Moshlings that transform into a different creature when clicked, Hocus transforms to I.G.G.Y. while Randall turns into a little girl.
  • You can get multiple Randalls at the Catch A Moshling tool in the garden and pressing 'Play Mission'
  • Randall is the opposite to the typical myth of the werewolf. Randall is a werewolf that turns into a human if the moon is full, instead of the traditional "human that turns into a werewolf if the moon is full".




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