List of Rare & Scare wares

Rare and Scare 3
Rare & Scare is a shop in Moshi Monsters, located at Goosebump Manor.

It opened in October 2012 during Halloween and is run by a ghost called Zoinks, who appeared in the manor in Spooktacular Spectacular.

In October 2013, Goosebump Manor became the location for Moshis vs Ghosts, therefore making the shop inaccessible.

Items Sold


Cobweb scan



Daily Growl

October 2012 Take a walk over to the Growl Mansion and check out the ALL NEW SHOP, Rare & Scare. Manning, err… Ghosting the shop is Zoinks and he has all kinds of cool Halloween stuff, including a few ULTRA RARE items.

Pick up an assortment of Glump-O-Lanterns, some scary treats, Sweet Tooth's Clown Car and if you're lucky enough to find the ULTRA RARE Haunted Hornament then you should snatch that up too! There's something for everybody!


Take a walk over to Goosebump Manor and check out the all new shop, Rare & Scare. Manning, err...ghosting the shop is Zoinks who has all kinds of cool Halloween stuff, including a few ULTRA RARE items.


  • In Season 1 Mission 8: Spooktacular Spectacular, there was no mention of Rare & Scare, because the place was released in 2012 and the mission was released in 2011. 
  • The music in the store featured chimes, making it a "spookier" version of the regular store music.
  • The store stocks 'Arby's' items that were previously only obtainable via secret codes.





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