Ri-anne Droid (play on the word "android") is a robot created by Dr. Strangeglove. He used her in a plan to perform on the The Z Factor to attempt to hypnotise the judges and make them obey his orders and eventually use her to hypnotise the world.

Her mesmerising voice managed to hypnotise Tyra Fangs with ease but was quickly foiled due to Simon Growl wearing headphones, blocking out the hypnotising sound and making it hard for him to hear her. As such, he treated her act as poor and sent her through a trap door in the audition room and out into the sea. To Strangeglove's dismay, she was destroyed due to not being waterproof.


Due to not actually being a sentient being, Ri-anne does not interact directly with any of the following characters.

Dr. Strangeglove

Her creator; Strangeglove treats her with high praise in the hopes that she will succeed in his plan. Strangeglove acts as a somewhat "husband" figure toward Ri-anne, calling her "my pretty" and constantly praising her singing voice.

Tyra Fangs

Tyra is very positive to the droid, smiling upon first meeting her and calling her "pet" (presumably short for "petal"). When Tyra asks what song Ri-anne is going to sing, she responds with "YOU WILL OBEY ME OR BE DESTROYED." Tyra responds with "I don't know that one. Where did it chart?", showing her naivety to Ri-Anne's plans. Tyra is then hypnotised but, after it happens, has no memory of her encounter with the droid.

Simon Growl

Simon, already displeased with Stanley's performance and another before it, has a poor attitude and thus doesn't expect much from Ri-anne. His headphones blocked out the hypnotising sound and in frustration sent her off the stage (literally). He was responsible for Ri-anne's destruction.


Her appearance, specifically her hair, is a reference to "The Bride of Frankenstein".
She has one green eye, pink lipstick, pink cheeks and pink hair that is standing up. She wears a skirt and blue shoes. In place of ears, she has what appear to be curly antennas. Her eye is always half shut and non-expressive.

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