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Roary Scrawl
New Roary Scrawl
Vital statistics
Gender Male
First appearance The Daily Growl
Latest appearance The Daily Growl

Roary Scrawl is a character in Moshi Monsters. He is the main editor of The Daily Growl and he is also one of the judges in the Underground Disco along with Simon Growl and Tyra Fangs.

He is featured in the Series 7 Figures.

When you first join Moshi Monsters, he sends you a welcome gift to welcome you to Monstro City.

He has blue hair and a blazer in the Season 2: Mission 10: Cosmic Countdown trailer. His signature phrases are "Keep your eyes at hand..." and "Keep your eyes peeled! (Ew!)".


  • In the Moshi Monsters Magazine, there is a section in the Daily Growl called 'Ask Roary', where the readers ask questions for Roary. Some will be answered in the magazine, others not.
  • Roary is in love with Tyra Fangs.





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