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Roary Scrawl
Vital statistics
Occupation Editor in Chief
First appearance The Daily Growl
Figure Series 7
Keep your eyes peeled! (Ew!)

Roary Scrawl is the main editor of The Daily Growl and host of the Moshi Channel.

In Moshi Monsters, he can be seen working in The Daily Growl building on Main Street, and functions as a judge in the Underground Disco along with Simon Growl and Tyra Fangs. Although being among the most prominent cast, he has yet to appear in Moshi Monsters as an interactable NPC.

When you first join Moshi Monsters, he sends you a welcome gift to welcome you to Monstro City.



Roary Scrawl tirelessly types away at The Daily Growl office, determined to keep Monstro City informed with all the ooze that's fit to print. With al those eyes, it's only natural that he's the editor-in-chief. He spends his free time searching for his misplaced eyeballs and snoop...err, monster watching.

Fast talking editor of the Daily Growl newspaper, Roary Scrawl is now directing movies with the help of his camcorder Moshling sidekick, Blinki. Obsessed with keeping Monstro City’s citizens up to speed with all the ooze that’s fit to print, Roary has eyes everywhere – literally.

Unfortunately he is afraid of flying, so travelling to far-flung Moshi destinations can be a problem.




  • He sometimes appears with a blue wig and a blazer, for the occasion of presenting news. He presented himself as such in the trailer of Cosmic Countdown and the Moshi Monsters Magazine issue 30 announcing Gustbusters.       





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