The Robo Dendron is a Special seed in Moshi Monsters, attracting Nipper the Titchy TrundleBot. A code for the seed can be found with the Moshling Zoo DS game which costs around £20 in the UK.

The codes can be used by one account meaning that if someone dug up the seed, they would have to get Nipper by getting another Robo Dendron seed.

The seed must be planted with two other normal seeds in the Moshling Garden, and when the seed has grown, Nipper will come.


  • The seed was seen in Super Seeds a few weeks before you could get Nipper. It had no further information other than the seed itself, thus meaning it was not able to be purchased.
  • It is the only seed to be animated when grown (the "leaves" on the flower turn).
  • This seed is most likely a reference to the Rhododendron, a real life flower.


Robo Dendron growth

Robo Dendron animation

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