Rockstar Reef is one of the locations that Captain Buck E. Barnacle had visited in 2011. It is an instrument themed place and features a character named Ace, whom is an instrument tester.

Musical Message In A Bottle

January 23th, 2011

I was wading over at The Port this morning when something hit my leg. It was a message in a bottle! It had drifted all the way from Rockstar Reef. Have I ever told you about Rockstar Reef? It's where Monstro City's premier instrument factory is located. It's run by a monster named Ace. Ace is? well ACE at playing every instrument (he has to be 'cause he tests out all the instruments!). Looks like Cap'n Buck sent his message in musical code. Take a look! Maybe we can find out what he's been up to.

Buck Note Rockstar Reef

That's kinda hard! I'm trying to remember what I learned from my pie-ano classes (if you've never played a pie-ano, it's FUN... Just a bit messy). Here's a handy Moshi musical decoder to help you.

Buck Note Rockstar Reef code

I wonder if Cap'n Buck has been working on his music skillz.

Cap'n Buck Returns from Rockstar Reef

January 26th, 2011

I heard The CloudyCloth Clipper (that's Buck's ship in case ya didn't know) coming before I even saw it! Cap'n Buck was rockin' out like crazy with his seagull friends. It looks like they formed a band! How cool! I'm so glad Buck's back!

Buck took the time to chat with me for a while about his newest booty from Rockstar Reef:

RS: Hello Cap'n Buck! How was Rockstar Reef?
CB: It be great! I played so much music, I still canna get th' songs ou' o' me head!
RS: Nice! We got your note about how you faced Ace and bagged a badge. Tell us more!
CB: Ace challenged me t' a drum solo duel, an' I won!
RS: How did you manage that? He's the best drummer I know of!
CB: Well, if I must tell ye th' truth, he was a bit distracted by th' Batty Bubblefish who be puttin' on a show jus' offshore. I guess me Fishies shipmates helped me ou'!
RS: Heh. That's awesome. What'd you bring back for us?
CB: I canna tell ye everythin'. But I will say that I brought aft some Roarshall speakers an' a mic!
RS: Sweeeet!
CB: I gotta go man th' ship. Stop by an' be seein' me at Th' Port. I`ll be around fer a tides or so.
RS: Ok! I'm SO there. Thanks Cap'n Buck!

Hurry over to The Port to be one of the firsts to get the Rockstar Reef treasures.



  • The Musical note code says "faced ace bagge'd a badge".

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