Rofl the Jabbering Jibberling is an uncommon Moshling in the Smilies set, based upon a wind-up chattering teeth prankster joke toy.


S2 M2


Wind 'em up and watch 'em go! That's the deal with Jabbering Jibberlings. But there's more to these mouthy Moshlings than big smiles and chattering teeth because they are also completely hyperactive. And as soon as they get wound up they can't stop spouting complete jibberish at breakneck speed. I find dousing them in chilled Gloop Soup helps stem the non-stop nonsense. If that fails I use toffee - not to silence the Jibberlings but to stuff in my ears. Mmm, the sound of chatter-free silence!

Mini Bio

There's more to these mouthy Moshlings than big smiles and chattering teeth because whenever they're round up they can't stop spouting total gibberish. Dousing them in chilled gloop soup helps stem the non-stop nonsense. Failing that, use toffee - in your ears!

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

They love a corn on the cob and a good tongue-twister and boy can these Jabbering Jibberlings talk! All mouth and teeth, these Moshlings can produce the most glorious amount of gabbling gibberish.
Short of pulling a woolly hat firmly over your ears, there's not a lot you can do to curb the continuous chattering. They hate dental floss and slow-dancing, so you could always try one of those?


Scurrying around Mouthy Hollow, but some live on Music Island.



Manic, skittish, nonsensical.


Corn on the cob and tongue twisters.


Dental floss and slow dancing.


  • "Rofl" stands for "Rolling On the Floor Laughing".





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