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Rox is the main currency that is used in Monstro City, resembling colourful gems. Rox can be used to buy a vast range of items in Moshi Monsters.

Sources of Rox

There are multiple ways to earn Rox, these include:



There is a maximum amount of Rox that a player can earn per day, this is known as the daily Rox limit. This limit is slightly higher for members. After the daily Rox limit is reached, no more Rox can be earned by playing puzzles, games and minigames.


  • Random Rox gives 250 Rox, and majority of other Daily Growl contests give 5,000 Rox.
  • 2,000 Rox is awarded to those who win MonSTAR of the Week and Room of the Week.
  • Rox were hard to earn during the game's launch, but since then many other ways of earning Rox have been added.


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