Moshi Monsters - Rox Flower
This article is about a seed that has been removed from the game.


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Rox flowers start out as regular seeds but a rare and undefined mutation causes the flowers to bloom Rox. Instant cash-back! Ker-ching!


Sometimes your Moshling seeds could grow into Rox Flowers, which are blue flowers covered with Rox. When you dig them out, you would get a variable number of rox. The highest the plant can give is 50 rox.

Any seed could turn into a Rox plant, except for the seeds that are obtained using Secret Codes (Trashy Tulip, Radiant Roxy Rose, Hip Hop Hibiscus, Robo Dendron, etc.)

It is possible to tell whether a seed had turned into a Rox plant immediately after you planted it. To do so, just leave the garden by returning to your house, or going to one of the seed stores. Then return to your garden. If any of your seeds had turned into Rox plants, a Rox seedling would be visible in the plot.

Rox Flower Growth

If you are were trying to get a particular moshling, instead of waiting for the seed to grow to collect the Rox, you could dig it out because Rox plants will not give you a Moshling.

At the start of 2013, Rox Flowers were removed as a game feature but still exists in the files.

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