Rox Stone

The Rox Stone is a large, colourful piece of Rox located in a secret room in the Volcano. You can have access to the room when you finish all the Season 1 missions. Not many users know about this stone. It usually gives you about 20 Rox a day or so.


  • It is supposedly the room where Elder Furi was sick, as it required the use of the same entrance and also had green Rox around it.
  • It sometimes works likes the Rox trees saying you have to go and get it next week if you have used it too much.
  • It is actually the same Rox that is shown as the sign of a Rox code (according to a Moshi Magazine).
  • When you click it, it rains about 100 Rox although it only gives you about 10 - 30 Rox a day.
  • This shares the same system with Rox trees sometimes. If you've used the Rox trees too much then the message for the Rox stone will say you've got to go use it next week.

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