Snow Way Out! is the ninth Super Moshi Mission of season 1, making it the ninth mission released overall.

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The mission can be played by clicking on the Super Moshi Missions button in your room or by visiting the Volcano.


  • Elder Furi (narrates beginning and appears at the ending for reports)
  • Gabby (Ally to Super Moshi)
  • Cap'n Buck (In snow; he will be fine don't worry)
  • Fishlips (Iced in snow at the cart; later seen among the loyal glump guards)
  • Tomba (You help them get their body back)
  • White Fang
  • Pink Fang
  • Brown Fang
  • Blue Fang
  • Dr. Strangeglove
  • Ned (loyal glump guard)
  • Fabio (loyal glump guard)
  • Rocko (loyal glump guard)



Pink Rox Sonic Sapphire; this power stone has hypnotising properties.

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