Screech McPiehole was the lead singer and a member of Hairosniff - a parody of Aerosmith. He is the only known bandmember.

In the Moshi Monsters Monstrous Biography of Zack Binspin, it is revealed Screech has been both an idol of Zack and the trigger that made Zack decide to become a star.

"He would stand in front of the studio in all weathers, rain or shine, watching the bands performing on the show. But it wasn't until he saw a perfomance by Screech McPiehole that he realised his true calling.
Screech McPiehole is the legendary big-mouthed front man of those winkly monsters of rock, Hairosniff. He's been touring with the band for as long as anyone can remember, belting out classic hits to appreciative audiences all over Moshi world.
Seeing -and hearing!- Screech yelling along to his band on TV, at that moment Zack put two and two together and came up with a number one! The hairbrushes, the goo-tastic hairstyles, his pitch-perfect vocal...He would become a singer himself and one day sing on Top of the Mops, just like his idol Screech McPiehole!"

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