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Scrumpy the Surreal Snooper is an uncommon Moshling in the Arties set in Moshi Monsters, who is a green apple with a detective theme.


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Say ‘allo to the curious little Moshlings who just love solving mysteries, investigating strange goings-on and sticking their hyper-sensitive hooters into other Moshis’ business. I once hired several Surreal Snoopers to look into the disappearance of my Great Uncle Furbert. What a waste of time that was! I soon discovered that these artful Moshlings really are surreal, when I caught one riding around my ranch on a pasta unicycle with a meat shoe on its head and a string of kippers round its waist. Bonkers!

Mini Bio

Say 'allo to the curious little Moshlings who just love solving mysteries and sticking their hyper-sensitive hooters into other Moshis' business. Genuinely surreal they also enjoy riding pasta unicycles, wearing meat shoes on their heads and wrapping kippers around their waists. Bonkers!

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

When they're not nosing around Monstro City, solving mysteries and investigating strange goings-on, Surreal Snoopers really can be found doing the strangest things. From riding pasta unicycles, to wearing shoes on their heads, they're surreal by nature and not just by name!


Unexplored Area

Based in and around Strudel Station, but Surreal Snoopers like to nose around almost any area of the Moshi world.



Nosy, surreal, officious.


The smell of oil paint and flash photography.


Pips and Ponies.


  • Scrumpy first appeared on the Moshi Offer promotion website.
  • Scrumpy's figure was free with the Poppet Goes Arty Playset.
  • Scrumpy's name was first confirmed in the Ultimate Collector's Guide.
  • Scrumpy's seed combination was first revealed in the Moshi Monsters Magazine.
  • There was a glitch with Scrumpy's seed combination in the first few days, causing it not to work.
  • Defective Detectives (Doyle's species) dislike Scrumpy's species.
  • The theme that plays when you click on Scrumpy is based on "Oh Du Lieber Augustin". 




Uptown Fifi


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