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Season 3: Mission 5: Gustbusters is the fifth Mission in the third series, making it the twenty-fifth mission overall. It was confirmed in the 30th issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine (21st for Australian Magazine) and takes place on Pinkish Peak, a mountain on Music Island.

There is also a picture of ' Breaking News' with Roary Scrawl saying "Weird Wiffy Clouds Spotted, Main Street monsters Under Snoozy Sleep Spell."

The name Gustbusters is a play on Ghostbusters but instead of busting ghosts, it's busting gusts (who are the Mighty Gustavo, Whiffy Wobbler and Stinkerton).


Release Dates

  • Part 1: 9th July, 2013
  • Part 2: 11th July, 2013
  • Part 3: 12th July, 2013



  • Sludge Street (part 1)
  • Cloud City (part 3)



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