The Secret Tunnels Activity Book is part of the Sticker Activity Book collection, and the ninth in its series. This book focuses on the Secret Tunnels.


This monsteriffic activity book is packed full of fun puzzles, word searches, quizzes, search-and- finds and a whole lot more!


  • p2-3. The Undergrounds Tunnels Quiz
  • p4. Underground Codebreaker
  • p5. The 'Growl' Factor
  • p8. Oh, Ecto! You've been Wobble-Plasma'd!
  • p9. Batty Spot the Difference
  • p10-11 Shelly Splurt's Sticky Maze
  • p12. Wavey Davey's Wavy Patterns
  • p13. Simon Growl's Hairy CROSSword
  • p14. Where are the Techies?
  • p15. Simon Growl's Bad Hair Day

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