The Series 1 Figures are the first series of Moshi Monsters collectable figures, manufactured by Vivid Imaginations. They were released on 4th March 2011.




Collector Cards



  • Series 1 is the only series to date to feature 48 Figures; being the series that includes the most figures.
  • The special figures were purple and sparkly, since then further finishes have been released.
  • Gold versions of this series can also be found within Originals.
  • There were on show at the London Toy Fair in January 2012 along with Series 23, and 4.
    • In addition, previously, prototype figures were on show. They appeared to be much more detailed and each of the 5 figures on display have completely different moulds.
S1 Prototype Figures
  • This series along with the first series of figures in Canada are the only series that don't always have a special, rare or ultra-rare figure as the surprise Moshling in blister packs.


Group Shots

Originals Golds

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