Shed  the Welcoming Woodling is an uncommon Moshling in the Woodies set Moshi Monsters, who is a porcupine wearing a top hat with overalls and spikey red hair.

Their name was revealed in the 100% Moshlings magazine issue.


Welcoming Woodlings are famous for inventing the craziest things, from tartan paint and left-handed hammers to jam cardigans and custard floorboards. But there is more to these imaginative little Moshlings than mere brainpower because they also love holding wild parties in little garden sheds built from planks of dried elbow grease.



Blueprints and bravado.


Ping-pong and meditation.


  • Shed appears on the cover box art of a Moshling Rescue! goodie box, which photos on Twitter led to its discovery.
  • Shed was the first Moshling from the Circus collection of Figures to be released as an obtainable Moshling in a game; this game being Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt.


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