Not be confused with Shelly the Moshling.

Shelly Splurt is a creature who lives in the waters of The Underground Disco.

She is capable of inflating her head and uses this to her advantage to enter next years' Monster Carnival as a blimp.


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Even since she was but a squirt of a Splurt, bubbly and gooey Shelly has been the world record holder for holding her breath the longest. With her natural-born talents and a body made up of a sticky bubbly substance, light-headed Shelly is always happily floating on air--or in icky slime!

Forever blowing bubbles

Shelly is very skilled at holding her breath and blowing herself up into a big bubbly balloon, completely changing her shape. It's pretty Splurt-tastic to watch!

Airy fairy

Shelly Splurt loves inhaling and exhaling at The Underground Tunnels, where she's currently training to become an exsplurt blimp at next year's Monster Carnival. She's hoping to take everyone's breath away with her performance!

Data file

Hangout: The Underground Tunnels

Catchphrase: "Take a breath!"

Likes: Holding her breath and counting to 5,000!


  • Big, round bubble-shaped eyes!
  • Sticky bubble is full of hot air!


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Made of all things sticky and bubbly, Shelly Splurt has repeatedly earned the record of holding her breath. She is currently training to become a blimp at next years' Monster Carnival. She practises her craft in Monstro City's Underground Tunnels.


  • Many players used to think Shelly was an upcoming Moshling due to an edited picture of her in the Moshling Garden flooding the internet. 
  • Her catchphrase is "Take a breath!", a joke related to her record of holding her breath.