Shoney the Amazin' Blazin' Raisin is a Moshling in the Naughties set in Moshi Monsters, resembling a flaming raisin. 


Red Hot Silly PeppersBlack Moon OrchidRed Moon Orchid


Great balls of fire? Not quite because these fiery fruit-based critters are actually Moshlings. Notorious for accidentally setting things on fire as they whoosh through Monstro City at breakneck speeds, Amazin' Blazin' Raisins are thought to ignite and take slight whenever they hear the phrase 'shrivelled grapes'. Twisted firestarters? You bet! 


Unexplored Area

Wumf Foundry near Sprite Heights.



Fast, fiery, flammable.


Ill-fitting running shorts and hot eggs.


Buckets of sand and dingalinging alarms.


  • Shoney is featured in the Series 6 Figures, where it is an Ultra-Rare figure.
  • Shoney is in the Naughties set as he sets fire to everything - this was shown in his music video.
  • Shoney's combination was shown in the Moshi Magazine (March 8). On April 11, Shoney became available; the same date as the release of Shoney's Music Video.
  • Shoney first appeared in the Halloween Level of Buster's Lost Moshlings.
  • When Shoney is in their idle animation and click animation, their cheeks disappear. This is an animation error, similar to Blingo's goatee.



Music Video: Shoney the Amazin' Blazin' Raisin


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