Shops in Moshi Monsters are very important for players. Shops can be located almost anywhere on the Map. Players can buy anything from food, items and clothes for their Monster. You can buy food to gain health and happiness for your Monster, decorate you room(s) for popularity and even accessorize your Monster. Items are needed to boost your popularity and to move up on your MonStar rating. Some shops are available for everyone, although some shops are Members only.

When you enter a shop, Monsters store owners will greet you with either "Good day, Monsters are my business and business is good!" or "Feel free to browse my shop."  

Non-Member Shops

Main Street

Sludge Street

Ooh La Lane

Bleurgh Beach

Goosebump Manor

Members Shops

Sludge Street

Ooh La Lane

The Port & Gift Island

Music Island

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