Slopcorn Contraption

Slopcorn is a contraption and game playable at the Food Factory, in which players can prepare a bucket of Slopcorn to be fed to their Moshlings. This is rewarded with Moshling Stars and thus eventually Moshling Star Rewards. It was released on August 2nd 2014.

Daily Growl

MUNCHY MADNESS: Slopcorn At The Food Factory![1]
BOOM BOOM POP! That's the sound of Slopcorn being popped over at the Food Factory. Head over there right now to feed your hungry Moshlings. Fill up to level up!

How do YOU eat Slopcorn? One kernel at a time, or HUGE handfuls? I like to get as much in my mouth at one time... But that's just me!


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