Snack Attack! is a story that was published in Issue 58 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.

The story follows Diavlo's problem with White Fang's excessive appetite where Pinestein is called in to try and save the day.



"NOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Diavlo!

Pinestein the Joyful Juicy Brainiac was the first to arrive at Diavlo's house. Diavlo looked even more hotheaded than usual.

"Whatever's happened?" Pinestein asked.

"It's White Fang!" Diavlo replied, angrily. "He's eaten all my food!" 

Sure enough, the little Musky Husky was sniffing around Diavlo's now-empty cupboards.

"That pesky pooch is always hungry," Diavlo moaned. "No snack is ever big enough."

Pinestein's eyes went wide as an idea struck him. "Don't worry!" he said, darting out of the house. "I know exactly what to do!"

"Oh no!" Diavlo muttered, flapping after him. "Pinestein's experiments always go wrong. I better stop him!"

Still hungry, White Fang chased after them both.

Pinestein was already stirring a potion by the time Diavlo and White Fang reached his lab. 

"What will that do?" Diavlo asked as Pinestein poured the bubbling liquid over a crab and jelly sandwich

Pinestein beamed. "My super-grow serum doubles the size of any snack. IT'll be soon big enough for White Fang's appetite!"

Sure enough the crab and jelly sandwich began to grow and grow and grow!

"Aaaargh!" Pinestein screamed as this gigantic sandwich smashed out of the lab. "I may have made a small error in my calculations!"

"It looks like a huge one to me," Diavlo groaned. The humongous sandwich was already trampling over shops and catching Moshlings in its massive pincers.

"What are we going to do?" wailed Pinestein.

Behind him, White Fang licked the split super-grow serum from the floor. Within seconds, White Fang was a giant himself. The now-massive Musky Husky swallowed the mutated sandwich with one large gulp!

"Wahoo!" cheered Diavlo. "Well done White Fang!"

There was only one problem! A BIG problem!

Now he was a giant, White Fang was hungrier than ever before. Diavlo and Pinestein spent the rest of the day shoveling food into White Fang's enormous mouth. In fact, they're still doing it now. But don't worry. The serum will wear off soon - probably!

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