Ah! The planet Space Glenn! Home of the Hoddles.
Space Glenn
For the Moshi Monsters game, see Space Glenn (game).

Space Glenn is a planet in the Moshi Monsters Swooniverse and Home of the Hoddles. This information is provided by Tamara Tesla when using her telescope at the Observatory in search of a crashed object. The player can observe many aspect of the Swooniverse, including Space Glenn.

Not much is known about this planet or its inhabitants. Space Glenn does seem to be an organism of their own, much like Sunny McFunny and Moony Loony. Although Space Glenn is a bit different as they have arms, legs and is shown to consume.

They feature in a game of the same name Space Glenn, which can be played at the Observatory.


  • 'Zingbingwah' is hello on Planet Space Glenn.


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