The Spider Lolly is an edible food item that is sold at the Gross-ery Store in Moshi Monsters.


A spider got stuck on the end of a candy cane when a fly landed on it and the spider tried to grab it! 

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Eight crunchy legs of bristle-haired flavour. YUM!

Daily Growl

Spider Lolli - Trick, Or Treat? October 6, 2011
It's almost Halloween, which means that Spider Lollies will be consumed in mass quantities by monsters all over town. But, is it a trick, or a treat? Nobody knows what's up with the Spider Lolli - whether they're made from free-range spiders, or if they're even real spiders at all. Some speculate that they're made from marvelous marzipan, while others persist the tongue tingling sensation they cause is from violet venom. Either way, the Gross-ery sells TONS of them!

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