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Vital statistics
First Appearance The Daily Growl
Figure Series 2

Squiff is a scarred golden Glump, who was named by a player named mentalmolly11, with an unusual set of three eyes, and pink freckles. They have two visible teeth and peach coloured lips. Their purple quiff of hair may be why they are called 'Squiff'. They appear to be rather unaware, but is in fact one of the most skilled glumps.

In the loading screen of Thump O Glump they are seen jumping up and down, clearly enjoying this activity.


What’s got three eyes, buck teeth and stupid hair? Squiff, of course! This naughty nugget might be golden but when it comes to being friendly, Squiff is worthless, especially when letting rip with an 'Iffy Squiffy Stinkbomb'! Peeww!

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

Three eyes, buck teeth and an ill-advised hairdo - It must be Squiff! This wayward weirdo tries to be friendly, but no one wants to hang around when Squiff lets rip with a Squiffy Stinkbomb! Eeew!


Squiff is sometimes depicted with three slightly different coloured eyes. This design choice is visible in Moshling Boshling files and their series 2 Mash Up card. Their right eye is the purple that is used for all three eyes in other art. Their middle eye is a darker purple tone and their left eye a lighter tone, nearing pink.




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