Not to be confused with Squint Beastford of the Goo Fighters

Squint is a pirate ghost shopkeeper who owns the store Boot-eek!. He is a greeny-blue ghost with a scar on his face with very few teeth. He was first introduced during the Pirate Takeover. It is probable that he is called Squint because he squints.


Back in the day this cheeky little fella enjoyed sitting on the dock of the bay playing sea shanties on his squeezebox. But then he got into a scrap with a flock of seagulls and was forced to abandon his musical career and open a ghostly Boot-eek.


Squint is a turquoise ghost with a scar on his left cheek. While his left eye is permanently closed, his right eye is shaped like a pie with one slice removed. He shares the "pie-eyes" aspect with other ghost characters. He has rose coloured lips with an upper tooth and a lower tooth visible.


  • His pie-eyes are a reference to the "rubber hose animation" style of the American animation industry in 1920. As ghosts share this appearance aspect, the old-fashioned art style singles them out as people of the past.
  • The injury on his left cheek is stitched with a simple interrupted stitch.



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