Stafishbucks Coffe

Starfishbucks Coffee is a location in Moshi Monsters and pun Starbucks Coffee. It is a coffee shop which is located underwater in the New Sea Mall, Cali is known to hang out there.

In the 2015 annual, Starfishbucks is described as the only place to buy hot, cold and lukewarm drinks in Monstro City by the waitor, Fumble.

Annual 2015

I bumped into Cali the Valley Mermaid while waiting for my cappuccino. We giggled about the time I accidentally snagged her in my net. Mind you, she was TOTALLY ticked off at the time, so I chilled her in ice, gave her a seaweed sandwich and dropped her off at the Sea Mall for a fin-icure and some retail therapy. Great tails? You betcha!


  • Coffee
  • Slug Slurp Slushie
  • Carton of Sour Milk
  • Cup O Gruel
  • Essence of Blue
  • Toad Soda
  • Bug Juice
  • Slime Rickey

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