Stickies 1

Stickies are small, emotional room items sold at Babs' Boutique. There are eight in total, ranging from angry to loved and happy to sad. 

The colour of a sticky is based upon what the emotion is. For example, the angry sticky is red. The colour of it is the colour associated with anger.  Pink is also associated with love, sadness is blue, happiness is yellow, etc.


The set, as mentioned above, includes eight Stickies. Below, a list of them with the price, level, etc.

Name Price (Rox) Level Description Image

ARGH :-@

110 7 Express yourself: RAAAARGH ARRGH! Screeam and shout!
Stick 1
BOOORED X-| 103 8 Express yourself: Oh ME, oh MY, for when you're bored out of your brains.
Stick 2
WOO :-D 105 1 Express yourself: When you're so happy you could burst, use this!
Stick 3
KISS :-* 108 7 Express yourself: Show the world a bit of love!
Stick 4
KITTY >^..^< 119 6 Express yourself: Like cats? Let the world know - MIAOW!
Stick 5


116 7 Express yourself: For when your brain and bodyjust won't get along!
Stick 6
YAWN :-(c) 101 8 Express yourself: For when you just can't wait to go back to bed.
Stick 7

WEEPS :'-(

111 7 Express yourself: When you just want to have a little cry, place this in your room.
Stick 8

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