STOP right there! I'm not letting you undo all my wonderful whiffy work!
Stinkerton, first being referred to as Stenchy and Stinky, is a cloud-like agent of C.L.O.N.C. who has a skill of pumping out nasty nap gas.


In Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 30, they make an appearance.

Part 3 of Windy Wind-Up 2
Making monsters turn sort of absent-minded due to their toxic gas. (Buster Bumblechops thinks that Eggplants are Moshlings and Elder Furi thinks that it's Twistmas.)
Stenchy describes himself as ugly, once he sees himself in a mirror, this causes him to leave but he says he'll be back again one day.

Season 3 Mission 5: Gustbusters
Near the end he combined with Whiffy Wobbler in order to create the Mighty Gustavo.


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