The Strangeglove Dartboard is a wall decoration that is obtainable via an exclusive secret code from Issue 48 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, in Moshi Monsters.


Strangeglove Dartboard


  • On 15th July 2014, this item was mistakenly sold at Horrods and appeared among various other Magazine items, varying if they were purchasable or not, those who were requiring level 1 with 1 Rox.
    • They were removed from the store on the 18th of July, with the exception of the Mini Haunted Mansion (which was added instead), but users who had bought the items got to keep them.
    • This item was unobtainable until 17th October 2014, three months later, with the release of Issue 48 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine. This is due to the item's intention to release with the Magazine; it shouldn't have released then.
    • For some reason, there are two codes for this item, and the first code is not expired, therefore letting you have two of this item in your room

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