Gloop Soup
Super Glooper Day
is an event in Moshi Monsters which happens annually on May 31st.

Monsters celebrate Gloop and the great Gloop Monster, Icky comes around to replenish the Gloop supplies.[1] However, there was a string of events which resulted in Icky the Gloop Monster settling himself directly above the D.I.Y. Shop due to a number of coincidences which lead to him confusing Dewy with his mother, Gooey.

It is a day when Monsters eat Gloop, play games with Gloop, have Gloop fights and sing songs about Gloop.

Roary Scrawl forgot all about Super Glooper Day in 2012, until he stepped in an overflowing collection bucket on his back porch.

Super Glooper Day has not been mentioned in The Daily Growl since 2012, with its first acknowledgement being in 2010.